Snowfort Pictures Movie Night Package


Snowfort Pictures Movie Night Package


Sick of the club?  No decent bands in town?  Hiding from the law? Why not stay in and catch up on some Snowfort classics?

Included in this BluRay package are the award winning titles: 

- A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE: Written by Simon Barrett, Directed by Adam Wingard (YOU'RE NEXT, THE GUEST, BLAIR WITCH) 

- THE AGGRESSION SCALE: Written by Ben Powell, Directed by Steven C. Miller (ESCAPE PLAN 2 & 3)

- AMERICAN MUSCLE: Written by John Fallon, Directed by Ravi Dhar

- CHEAP THRILLS: Written by Trent Haaga (DEADGIRL, 68 KILL), Directed by E. L. Katz (SMALL CRIMES)

Would you like them all signed?  No problem, we can do that.  We'll also toss in a page from the shooting script of an upcoming Snowfort Picture AND some punk pins. Cuz we love you.

DVDs also avail at a discount. 

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